martedì 29 novembre 2011

An early Merry Christmas to all

Sapete quanto mi piaccia la vecchia corrispondenza, per il grande potere evocativo che emana dalla carta ingiallita, dall'inchiostro sbiadito, dai francobolli fuori corso...
Ho preparato questa nuova scatola con una deliziosa raccolta di cartoline augurali di epoca vittoriana, quando usavano altre immagini e altre parole, per celebrare il Natale.
Fiori, gatti e scarpe, chissà perchè, andavano per la maggiore, e oggi essi fanno quasi tenerezza, a confronto con le odierne icone natalizie...
Ho la fortuna di possedere qualchuna di queste cartoline (magari potrei mostrarvele, prossimamente...) e posso assicurarvi che esse conservano e trasmettono il vero spirito natalizio, sebbene quest'anno sarà dura entrare nell'umore giusto...
Perciò, ho voluto esorcizzare il mio lato "Ebenezer Scrooge" con questa piccola raccolta che, spero, coinvolgerà anche voi con lo stesso spirito positivo :-)


Do you know how much I like the old correspondence, for the great evocative power that emanates from the yellowed paper, from the faded ink and the stamps off over ...
I prepared this new box with a lovely collection of greeting cards from the Victorian era, when they were using more pictures and other words, to celebrate Christmas.
Flowers, cats and shoes, for some reason, were the most popular, and today they are almost tender, compared with today's Christmas icons ...
I am fortunate enough to have some one of these cards (maybe I could show them in the near future ...) and I can assure you that they preserve and transmit the true Christmas spirit, although this year it will be hard to enter in the mood ...
So, I wanted to exorcise my "Ebenezer Scrooge" side with this small collection which I hope also will involve you with the same positive spirit :-)

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  1. How lovely! You are a master at what you do! :-)

  2. C'est très joli, j'aime beaucoup la carte que l'on voit sur la dernière photo.
    Cette correspondance a un charme fou et elle était bien plus romantique que les mails ou les SMS (même si c'était plus long à recevoir ^^).
    Quand je vais en brocante, je ne manque jamais de m'approvisionner quand je vois des modèles irrésistibles.

    Vous mettez un peu de délicatesse dans cette période particulière en espérant tout de même que Noël sera un agréable moment pour vous, Flora.

  3. Ciao cara, come ti capisco... Va bè, prima o poi lo Spirito del Natale Presente arriverà anche da noi.
    Da te sicuramente perchè hai un angioletto in casa. Un abbraccio, Rosanna

  4. Has puesto ese punto nostálgico a la navidad,las cartas,que por fesgracia ya no se escribe como antes!! Me encanta,le da un aire evocador irresistible!!!

  5. Son todas preciosas. Menos mal que siempre nos quedarán estas postales para el recuerdo...

  6. no sé bueno sacar los viejos recuerdos en navidad??

  7. Quelle délicatesse et quel charme ,La carte sur le miroir est parfaitement réussie!J'aime votre univers!

  8. Lindo, Flora! Eu gostei muito dos antigos cartões de Natal.
    Um abraço

  9. They are really lovely cards Flora.

    I hope Scrooge leaves you soon and the Spirit of Christmas takes his place.

  10. Un recuerdo nostalgico para Navidad, ya no se sulen escribir.
    besitos ascension

  11. Beautiful collection! Hope the Christmas spirit is going to be back to you soon.:)

  12. grazie per il tuo commento sui due volumi Gutenberg, purtroppo non sono stati valutati in proporzione al valore degli originali.
    se fosse stato possibile, adesso ti scriverei da Acapulco... :D

  13. Que bonito¡¡¡, realmente creas rincones y escenas con mucha clase, siempre acogedoras y calidas.
    Un beso

  14. Le tue creazioni sono sempre molto belle e originali.....hai talento!!!!
    Un bacio

  15. You are so good at making all these little cards and letters. I hope the Christmas Spirit makes it's presence felt soon for you.

  16. Are lovely cards with elegant design! A big hug!

  17. Such lovely letters whispering best wishes for a sweet christmas time with the loved ones. Today is 1th december, hope your christmas spirit is awakened. Hugs dear Flora...

  18. Your work is exquisite and unique, Flora. Your collection of cards are a work of art as always. I am so sorry that you cannot seem to get into the Christmas mood. Perhaps watching a few select Christmas movies might help. This usually helps me enormously. Every year, I watch "A Child's Christmas in Whales" more than once. It's just so amusing and also nostalgic at the same time. I also like "The Muppet Christmas Carol". Childish, I know! But I am childish and not ashamed to admit to it. It's fun! You should be able to get these online. Or, of course, other Christmas movies of your choice. You should try it. I'm sure it will help. Take care!

  19. Deliziose, avrei voluto farne qualcuna anch'io, ma non mi si vanno a scaricare le cartucce della stampante?
    Fortuna fortuna...

  20. Lovely box and letters. You are a great talent.
    Hugs from Craftland

  21. Your cards and letters are Lovely, Flora! I have always been so influenced by the Art of the past... Victorian and earlier... Medieval... but Christmas artwork is some of my Favorite! I, too, am slow to find Christmas Spirit this year.... or is the Time just going too fast and I have not kept up? I must start to draw my own Christmas Card.... a Tradition of almost Thirty years now.... but am late to feel the inspiration. It will come. I have put up the Christmas lights and they cheer me so much.... soon I will hear the bells ringing! I hope you, too, will find the Spirit... in Baking or decorating... or dreaming...
    Blessings to you!

  22. Dear Flora,

    I love the nostalgia of mail from the past. So much thought in every card. Necessary to keep in touch,friends so far away....

    Whilst we are all so far away, and so immediate, I sometimes feel a similarity in the correspondence with the distance and the written word.( if that makes sense)

    Daydreamer,after reading our post for the first time I heard the bells of Christmas cheer. It has been late for me also. Thank you.


  23. I have always enjoyed reading your posts about mail and savouring lovely pictures of eons past. I am so late to this post that perhaps "scrooge has already left the building?" Have all the cakes been baked and the party for the 3 year old over?

    My nephew, Xander's birthday falls on Boxing Day and my brother no longer expect to celebrate Christmas and birthday separately :). Do both together or none at all.

  24. So pretty! You really are so clever at selecting and arranging these lovely items.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas my dear Flora xxx